Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

MyCatDNA™ Feline Genetic Breeding Analysis Terms and Conditions

MyCatDNA Genetic Breeding Analysis is a proprietary process designed and intended to be used on purebred cats solely to 1) Help quantify the genetic compatibility of potential breeding pairs and 2) To identify specific alleles or DNA mutations that are associated with certain inherited diseases or traits. No other purpose is authorized or permitted. It is not intended to diagnose diseases or predict behavior in any particular cat.

Upon receipt of your cat’s DNA sample, Genoscoper Laboratories will analyze your cat’s DNA to determine chromosomal similarities and differences in the genetic profile of a potential sire and dam and provide a match analysis. Your cat’s DNA will also be analyzed for the presence of specific alleles that are associated with inherited conditions identified as occurring in your cat’s breed. Genoscoper Laboratories’ testing procedures are designed to provide reliable and accurate results, but are not guaranteed. By submitting your cat’s sample(s) for MyCatDNA analysis it is understood that you agree that the sample(s), analysis, results and related information may be used confidentially by Genoscoper Laboratories in conjunction with other samples to increase the understanding of the breed’s genetic structure, as well as for internal, research and development, or statistical purposes and may be shared with third parties for these purposes.

Samples may be disposed of or stored at Genoscoper Laboratories’ option and will not be returned. Please view the full Mars Privacy Policy here: https://www.mars.com/global/policies/privacy/pp-english.aspx. It is also understood that future releases of the MyCatDNA test may refine results as more information is obtained regarding the breed structure and/or if new genetic markers are included.

MyCatDNA genetic assessments for individual cats and potential mates will be available online to the person(s) who registered the sample. A cat’s results, photo and other information may be shared by the owner with other individuals whom they choose or transferred to a new owner if the cat changes ownership. The content of such online services 1) may be altered due to changes, additions, or removals of a cat’s information in the MyCatDNA database or due to changes in technical or other design of such services and 2) includes information about third parties and other Genoscoper Laboratories clients’ cats, which Genoscoper Laboratories is not responsible or liable for. Genoscoper Laboratories has right to terminate access to online services one year from the purchase date, unless a longer period has been agreed upon.

You agree to Genoscoper Laboratories instructions related to ordering process, payment, sampling and sample delivery. You also certify that the animal described in your order is the same animal whose sample is submitted for analysis, and that all information is accurate. You warrant that you are entitled to obtain and supply samples to Genoscoper Laboratories.
In the unlikely event that it is not possible to provide an analysis (for example due to an insufficient DNA sample) or that an error in the analysis occurs, liability by Genoscoper Laboratories or related companies and individuals is disclaimed and damages in any event are limited to the payment actually received by Genoscoper Laboratories for the specified analysis at issue. Genoscoper Laboratories’ study of the complexities of the feline genome is ongoing with the goal of continuing to provide the most advanced and complete analysis possible.
Genoscoper Laboratories reserves the right to use any third party of its choice to undertake the testing, analysis or laboratory services for the analysis.

MyCatDNACustomer Service Policy

Genoscoper Laboratories is committed to providing the best customer experience and to providing our customers with a better understanding of their dog’s genetic profile. As part of our customer service, it is very important to us that we understand our client’s concerns. We value your feedback to help improve our product and results reporting. If you have questions or concerns regarding your cat’s DNA test results, please contact us to submit your question or comment.
Following submission, Genoscoper Laboratories will acknowledge your claim electronically and a Customer Service Representative will contact you to discuss your concerns. In some instances an additional conversation with our Technical Support Team may be required to answer your questions fully.

MyCatDNAOrder Cancellation/Return Policy

If after purchasing our product on www.www.mycatdna.com you decide to cancel your order, we will issue a full refund of your purchase price as long as you alert us before we initiate fulfillment. Given the order is immediately sent to our warehouse, it is important to be aware that the window to cancel an order is very short.
If after purchasing our product on www.www.mycatdna.com you opt to not submit the kit for testing, you will be entitled to a full refund for the purchase price once the kit is returned back to us in its original, unopened condition.

MyCatDNAUpgrade Policy

At this time, Genoscoper Laboratories does not offer upgrades or exchanges between product versions. Please visit the individual product page to make sure the product you are selecting best meets your testing needs. At the time of submission, a sample will be run on the current version of the algorithm for the product type purchased and cannot be resubmitted at a later date for analysis on a newer version of the algorithm.